About AMM

The Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) is a not-for-profit membership organization providing advocacy, professional development, and resources to museum professionals, board members, students, and volunteers across the Midwest region. Members of AMM have access to reduced registration fees for the Annual Conference and Meeting and corporate members are eligible to exhibit during the conference.

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Since the very first conference in 1927, AMM has created opportunities for museum professionals to gather and discuss current issues, trends, and solutions. Today, the Annual Conference and Meeting continues to be the premiere networking event for museum professionals in the Midwest, hosting over 600 individuals seeking new ideas and resources. Each year, the conference is hosted in a different Midwestern location. Learn more about our past conferences.

About our Partners

AMM is partnered with the Wisconsin Federation of Museums (WFM) to host the 2020 Joint Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The purpose of WFM is to promote the general welfare of museums in the State of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin museum profession, to increase and disseminate knowledge pertinent to the profession and to encourage cooperation among Wisconsin museums.

About the Conference

Over the past year, we explored how museums and other cultural institutions are impacted by and are currently navigating changing expectations. For the 2020 Joint Conference – Museums Evolving – we’re focusing on how those new outlooks can be catalysts for transformation that compel museums and related institutions, their staff, and the field as a whole to continue to evolve.

How are museums evolving and what future trends do we see?
What issues within museum and other cultural fields, and the communities
they serve, are influencing how institutions are evolving?
How does a museum sustain relevancy in a changing world and profession?

The world is constantly changing—culturally, technologically, and economically—and cultural and heritage institutions are responding.

Museums across the Midwest are actively addressing contemporary issues, eliminating barriers to become more inclusive and accessible, and implementing solutions that engage more diverse audiences. They are changing the narratives of their exhibits, pioneering new outreach programs, and re-imagining professional practices.

Museum professionals are also challenging the motives behind what they collect, care for, and display and are striving to hold meaningful dialogues and to create connections through the stories they tell. All of this while working within missions that are also changing.