All volunteer roles have been filled. Email volunteers(a)midwestmuseums.org with questions.

Be a Conference Volunteer to Save!

Running a conference is a big job, and we need your help! It takes 50+ volunteers to keep our sessions and activities running smoothly. We are seeking individuals to assist with virtual and in-person programming for this year’s conference.

Registration Helpers at the 2022 Milwaukee Conference

Volunteers Needed:

  • Virtual Session Moderators
  • In-Person Session Monitors/Greeters
  • Networking Activities Assistants
  • Registration Helpers
  • Setup Crew
  • Greeters for Offsite Events and Workshops

Volunteer Perks:

  • Virtual, 2 hours volunteered = 100% off “Virtual Only” registration fees
  • In-Person, 4 hours volunteered = 50% off “Virtual + In-Person” registration fees
  • In-Person, 8 hours volunteered = 100% off “Virtual + In-Person” registration fees
  • In-Person Off-Site Event, Tour, and Workshop volunteers get free access to those activities
  • Social media ambassadors get FREE “press access” to all sessions and events
  • Access to the staff and volunteer lounge between shifts at the conference venue
  • A FREE “Proud Museum Person” t-shirt that we encourage you to wear during your shift(s) 

NOTE: Please wait to register for the conference until AFTER you have been assigned a volunteer role. You will receive your discount and instructions for registration at that time.

The volunteer application period is closed. If you have questions, email volunteers(a)midwestmuseums.org.