Nominate a Colleague or Organization for 2016 AMM Awards!

If you’ve noticed some incredible work happening at another organization or feel that one of your staff has demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities in the past year, take a moment to put your thoughts on paper and nominate them for one of AMM’s three awards:

  • Distinguished Career Award: The Distinguished Career Award nominee must be an individual who has worked or volunteered in the museum industry for more than 10 years and made significant contributions to the field during their careers.
  • Promising Leadership Award: The Promising Leadership Award nominee must be an individual who has worked or volunteered for a museum or museum association for 10 years or less and provided exceptional service, demonstrated leadership skills on projects and among teams, or showed outstanding commitment to the field.  
  • Best Practices Award:  The Best Practices Award nominee must be a museum or cultural institution that has demonstrated leadership in the field through distinguished museum practices and/or innovative programming.

Award recipients will be recognized at the upcoming Annual Meeting and Conference located in Minneapolis, MN from July 27-30, 2016. Nominees must be members of the Association of Midwest Museums and present for recognition at the conference.

To learn more and submit a nomination online, visit: